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Cloud CommunicationMobile Fintech

Cloud Communication

Enterprise full communication service
One stop shop

Mobile Fintech

Provide comprehensive mobile business solutions and
comprehensive security guarantees for financial users

Mobile Financial Products

Subversion of the traditional marketing model


Our Product

Committed to cloud communication services and mobile financial products, it is a leading enterprise in the financial industry.

RPA Process Automation Solution

Rely on artificial intelligence to solve the repetitive
labor force of enterprises and realize automatic
intelligence upgrading


Why Choose Us?

Focusing on enterprise mobile informatization,
more than ten years of mobile internet innovation research and technology precipitation

  • Industry Status

    In the IDC China Mobile Banking Solution Market Analysis Report, TECHOWN Information is listed as a leader in the quadrant.

  • Operator Resources

    Cooperated with China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom for more than 15 years and become its core partner.

  • Technical Advantages

    Focusing on enterprise mobile informationization, from SMS operation service to mobile financial solutions, we have 19 years of mobile interconnection innovation research and technology precipitation.

  • Market Ability

    TECHOWN Information occupies a leading position in multiple industries and has more than 1000 successful cases, especially in the financial industry.

  • Professional Services

    With a professional team with rich experience, we provide professional services from business consultation, project delivery to operation support.


Forged a domestic professional mobile information team and gained wide and highly recognized cooperation partners.

Customer List

More than 1000 customers, witnessing the growth of TECHOWN Information.